WALKING WITH HEART by Allison Howard

Hello there, how are you? I hope my words find you peaceful today. If you are new to my work and words, I welcome you and am honoured that you have decided to walk with me for this part of the road.  What is Walking Heart? This is a written record of my journey intoContinue reading “WALKING WITH HEART by Allison Howard”

Welcome to Allison Howard’s walk with the heart ❤

Allison Howard’s main passion has always been story telling. Working predominantly with illustration, water colour, embroidery and the written/ spoken word. Her works move with in the surreal nieve art scapes, exploring self aceptance and polotics of the mind and body, concentrating on feminist theory and human liberation, working predominantly with illustration. Allison completed herContinue reading “Welcome to Allison Howard’s walk with the heart ❤”