WALKING HEART by Allison Howard

Welcome to Walking Heart .

Come walk with me, for when you walk with the heart you are never alone walkingheart.com

The Open Letter

…..It is one of the most beautiful and simplistic acts of caring towards another person I feel you can show….

My Own Garden

You know I once broke up with a guy because he liked to garden. This was many many years ago before I knew pretty much anything, and especially before I knew how confused and scared I really was.  I distinctly remember, it was a beautiful sunny Sunday and I was down on my hands and…

Making Life Easier

So, I was chatting to a very close friend of mine the other day concerning a career opportunity I was thinking of going for. I sort her counsel because she is a highly successful business woman and I trust her advice implicitly.  The opportunity had me in conflict because I didn’t know whether I should…

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