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The Babushka Doll

The other day I was sitting around a table with some family members and we found ourselves discussing “What was your oldest memory”. Most people recited scenes that seemed vivid but also faded and hazed, similar to remembering a dream from the night before. It was an interesting exercise as most childhood memories become soContinue reading “The Babushka Doll”

The Tree Climb

Well its been several weeks since my last post. No real reason for this, except that I just haven’t had that much to say. I guess I have approached the quiet stage of growth, which is a new sensation for me, as for those who know me personally, I am not what anyone would usuallyContinue reading “The Tree Climb”

The puzzle with out a lid

I found myself at work the other day just generally grumpy with everything, which from one perspective could be seen as problematic as my role as receptionist is quite central to everyone’s initial experience for the day. In other words grumpy admin = shitty day for everyone else.  There was no real particular reason asContinue reading “The puzzle with out a lid”